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Interested in pekwm? Want to keep up with the development? Great, we can tell you how.

Table of Contents

  1. IRC
  2. Issue Tracker
  3. The developers


Our IRC channel #pekwm is located on Libera.Chat. Join if you want to ask questions, share thoughts and ideas or idle as much as you like.

The following is a "do not" list. If some idiotic behaviour like, public away messages, or nick changing as a way of telling what you are doing, are not mentioned it doesn't mean you can do them.

As it seems to be a problem for some, do not ask questions in IRC unless you are willing to listen to the answer. If listening is your problem, you need other help than what we at IRC can provide.

If you have a question, ask it. It doesn't help to go around shouting "can anyone help me". Help you with what? This will help the right people to make initial contact with you, saving your time and adding less clutter to the channel.

For the same reasons, don't ask if we are alive or other meaningless questions leading to the real question. Don't ask if someone specific is around either. This is not the pager channel for you and your friends.

Do not ask for help from one person only. The fact is, even if you think he or she must be the only one who knows the answer, you are wrong. There's at least a handful of people lurking on the channel who could help you.

Read the documentation and FAQ before you ask anything. Doing this is common courtesy towards the people who answer your questions. Not reading at least the FAQ will be considered rude.

When asking a question, the answer more than often depends on the version of pekwm you use. Showing us the information the command pekwm --info gives, will help us help you.

Do not expect people to answer your questions during the two minutes you stay in the channel. We can't sit there all the time waiting for your questions. If you can't wait longer, think about how stressful your life is, take a break, go on a vacation, take it easy for a while.

For similar reasons, don't repeat yourself. We saw it the first time. Repeating easily gets you ignored completely so it eats its own purpose. It's also considered rude, much like cutting in line.

If people tell you to read the documentation, they have a good reason to do so. If they include a URL that helps you find the info quicker, offer them your firstborn as a payback.

Don't offend anyone. They will offend you back two times.

Nicks with excessive capital letters will be hunted down and shot on sight. You might as well use a proper nick to start with to avoid this.

You can check the developers section to see the list of developers mapped to their IRC nicks.

As with all IRC channels, it's best to not do anything too drastic before keeping an eye for a while on how the channel works. We won't mind even if you just idle there, there are long standing traditions on that.

Welcome aboard!

Issue Tracker

pekwm bugs, feature requests and what-not are filed on Github issue tracker available at https://github.com/pekdon/pekwm/issues

When reporting a bug or other misbehavior please provide as much information as possible, including but not limited to:

  1. How is the issue reproduced?
  2. What did you expect to happen, what did actually happen?
  3. Version of pekwm and other applications used.
  4. Output of pekwm --info

Gathering pekwm log files

To provide more details it is possible to run pekwm with the log level set to trace and log to file. If the issue appears during start of pekwm, start pekwm like this:

pekwm --log-file issue.log --log-level trace

If the issue is reproducible while pekwm is running, it is recommended to set the log level and log file while reproducing the issue to avoid including potential misleading information.

Run the following commands using the CmdDialog or pekwm_ctrl before reproducing the issue.

Debug level trace
Debug enable logfile
Debug logfile issue.log

And directly after the issue has been reproduced:

Debug disable logfile

Include the issue.log in the error report if it includes any information.

Gathering information about a pekwm crash

If pekwm crashes, please provide a stack trace from the core dump, if no core (or pekwm_wm.core). To ensure a core file is generated enable core dumps before starting pekwm:

ulimit -c unlimited
exec pekwm

If a core file has been created, generate a backtrace by running:

$ gdb /path/to/pekwm_wm core
(gdb) bt
#0 ...

The output between the two (gdb) lines should be included in the report.

Running pekwm_wm in standalone mode

pekwm, starting from 0.2.0 consists of the two programs pekwm and pekwm_wm. pekwm is a small application only responsible for starting pekwm_wm and ensuring it is restarted in case of a crash avoiding the X11 session to end. pekwm_wm does all the heavy lifting and is the likely location for bugs.

When debugging, it can be helpful to start pekwm_wm in standalone mode. To do so use the --standalone option, which must be the first argument to pekwm_wm.

Example starting pekwm_wm in standalone mode inside of gdb:

$ gdb --args pekwm_wm --standalone

The developers

Below is a list of pekwm developers and what they do. The email address is more of an informational thing than anything else; the developers all subscribe to the + pekwm mailing list, so you should email that instead.


Claes Nästén (aka pekdon) pekdon@gmail.com

Main developer- Writes code. Has a serious screenshot fetish.

Past developers

Andreas Schlick (aka ioerror)


Jyri Jokinen (aka shared) shared@adresh.com

Writes documentation. Acts ill-tempered. You have been warned.

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